Teds Woodworking Plans Review

Review of Ted’s Woodworking

The internet has made things easier with regards to easily finding the content you need within a few seconds. However, this also means that there are a lot of resources that you must sift through to find the best ones. The same thing applies when you are searching for a full woodworking resource. You will get so many options that you will be more than likely overwhelmed by the amount of them, but among those options is a diamond in the rough known as Ted’s Woodworking Plans that offers over 1600 plans or drawings. You can learn more about this unique product below.

Teds Woodworking Plans


About Ted’s Woodworking author :

Before delving into how this unique DIY resource can assist you in becoming a great woodworker, let us first appreciate the author behind it. Ted McGrath is the author of this book and has more than 36 years’ worth of experience in woodworking. He is also an esteemed Architectural Woodwork Institute member. He has gathered invaluable knowledge about woodworking, and he shares it with people in Ted’s Woodworking guide.


What does Ted’s Woodworking contain?

Ted’s Woodworking offers all the information you require for getting started and completing various woodworking projects. There are so many projects on offer that you can expect to cover any woodworking project that you want to create with over 16000 unique plans. Each plan has the following main features:


  • Well illustrated and detailed diagrams with dimensions
  • Easy step by step procedures
  • List of necessary materials required for any project
  • List of woodworking tools needed for carrying out a project


What makes Ted’s Woodworking unique from other products?

If you read through the various DIY plans on magazines and other free resources, you will find that a large percentage are incomplete. This is because they skip over or leave out some important data about the woodworking project, thus leaving the user confused and maybe not being able to finish the project. Ted’s Woodworking does not just offer a huge amount of plans, but it also goes into a lot more detail with the drawings themselves. Every plan is well organised and structured, allowing for easy reading and following. Explanations are done using simple language terms so that even beginners can quickly execute the woodworking projects.

Why does Ted’s Woodworking contain over 1600 plans?

Ted decided against breaking down his book into smaller books so he could offer real value for money. Condensing all these drawings in to one woodworking book allowed him to do just that. This was the offer he got from his publishers. Since he wants people to actually benefit from a detailed and resourceful book, he wanted woodworkers across the world to finally get a resource worth reading and one that provides valid useful information. Ted himself started out by wasting lots of money buying woodworking magazines and books etc, which rarely helped him out. It was not until he was coached by an experienced woodworker that he became a skilled woodworker himself.

Free Bonus Material : There are also additional bonuses that come with Ted’s Woodworking, including DWG (DWG is a format used for storing two dimensional and three dimensional drawings) & CAD viewer, 150 premium videos from woodworking experts, Woodworking Guide with practical techniques and tips on woodworking and also a book on how to create a business from woodworking.

This woodworking resource is unique and you would struggle to find any other on the Internet or in any book shop, especially with the competitive price tag.  To check it out further follow the quick link below.

Website : Teds Woodworking Plans



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