How To Date Multiple Women Review – Tip Top Or Big Flop

Thank you for taking the time to read my review on How to date multiple women by Josh Pellicer. I will go into some detail as to what the program involves, and give you some pros and cons at the end.

The “How to date multiple women” programs main aim is to help you attract more woman and give you the right tools in order for you to achieve that goal.
The Program was created by Joshua Pellicer who is by now a dating Gugu. He also is the creator of the very successful Tao of badass Program which has achieved worldwide acclaim.

The “How to date” program teaches you the skills required to attract the right kind of woman and how to be involved in multi women relationships without any secrets or fear of any backlash.

It describes how you can have several girlfriends at one time but the interesting thing is that the other women actually know you are seeing more than one woman and they are ok with that. Sounds too good to be true but some women actually like the fact that a man is already in a relationship. It may suit them down to the ground as they themselves won’t have to make a commitment but still can enjoy going out, having fun and enjoying a great sex life without the stresses and strains that say married life brings for example.

With the videos on the program what I found very interesting were the interviews with these women and what their thoughts are on this kind of lifestyle. It was quite a surprising look into the minds of some women. The interviews are conducted by the Josh Pellicer with women who are dating men who already have other women in their lives. Maybe I’m naive but I didn’t even realise that there are women like that out there but apparently there are, and they are plenty, you just need to know where to look.

You’re probably thinking could you be a candidate for dating multiple women, well this program will certainly help you achieve this but is it guaranteed you might ask. Unfortunately nothing in life is guaranteed but that said, there is a lot of men who have had success with the program.

Some men actually get bored dating multiple women (Really!) and may opt to be monogamous again. Of course you don’t have to continue dating multiple women if you are not comfortable with it, you may find the woman of your dreams and be happy dating that one person. Whatever you decide to do is up to you. The program doesn’t necessarily require you to date multiple women, it can be a very useful general dating guide also.


Pros :

Men of any age can be successful with the program.

Good insight into the minds of women.

60 day money back guarantee.


Cons :

You may have to spend a lot of time perfecting the methods.

You need a certain level of self-confidence to be successful. (Although there are tips on buildingĀ up your confidence in the book).


Final Thoughts.


The dating scene is very competitive and having any edge over the competition is
always going to be helpful. The “How to date multiple women” program certainly gives you
that, the science of it makes a lot of sense so I am going to give it my vote.

If you want more information, want to purchase How to date multiple women or just check out the
video presentation (presented by the author Josh Pellicer) you can do so from the link below.

How to date multiple women Official Website.


Best Of Luck.


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