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Have you heard about internet marketing? Are you interested in make money online ? I am assuming if you are reading this review then the answer to these questions is a big fat yes. In this article I will discuss and review the internet marketing program known as Google Sniper and talk a little bit about Internet marketing in general, the truth behind making money online, (well in my own personal experience at least) and marketing using Google Sniper.

Maybe you are a newbie to this I.M (Internet Marketing) game or maybe you may have some experience but either way every marketer is looking for new ways to get the edge over their competition. It does not demand a Business Studies degree or internet marketing but just a basic knowledge about how it actually works and a willingness to learn new things combined with a desire to succeed.   These three things alone will help you in your quest to be successful and hopefully realise your dream to find financial independence.

What is exactly is Google sniper anyway and who is George Brown.

Google Sniper was created by George Brown, George is from the UK and started working on Internet marketing at an early age. He quite quickly realised he had a flair for digital marketing in particular and he soon achieved great success and became a leader in his field. Having done really well for himself online he decided to tell other people how he did it and this gave birth to what we know now as Google Sniper.

The program itself is basically an internet marketing program or course that uses videos, documents and webinars to teach you how to make money online.

The basic idea behind the sniper method is that just like a sniper would look through the sight of his rifle and zoom in on his target, Google sniper teaches you the methods to find your target market and then zoom in on your niche. A niche or niche market is a smaller part of the bigger market, usually with a lot less competition and this is the part of the market that you will be aiming at.

This program uses simple language and is easy to follow steps. George Brown the author will take you through the processes from setting up your first website, to choosing products to promote and he reveals the basic strategies and tips and tricks to becoming a successful marketer & making an income online.

One strategy behind Google sniper is to start by choosing the keywords that you want to rank for in Google and then build a small website or blog around that. These sites should then be able to run on autopilot and generate you commissions through affiliate programs automatically. The idea is that these websites should basically look after themselves will little or no input from you after the initial setup.

The keyword research part of the process is a very important one. You will need to research your keywords carefully and you will need to adopt both on-page SEO and off page SEO, utilizing these search engine optimization techniques together with good content should help put together a decent ranking website. Again George Brown will guide you slowly and carefully through this process.

Ranking over the different search engines can also be improved over time with proper SEO management techniques. George Brown and Google sniper teaches you the techniques to do this work effectively and help you to drive more traffic to your sites and ultimately more sales.

Once you have one site setup and perfected, you move on to the next one and rinse and repeat the process. You’ll probably find that not all the sites will make money but you should find that most should if you follow the correct criteria and procedures. Don’t be daunted at the thoughts of creating a website either. A website can be as little as a single page or review article so they are relatively quick to set up and they don’t have to be masterpieces either.

Once you are able to get ranked in the search engines, it will naturally bring more visitors to your websites and then hopefully you will make the sales. All that needs to happen is for a visitor to click on your affiliate link to the seller’s website and if the person buys the product, you earn a commission. Some of the commissions can be nice little earners with your cut being as high as 75%, I know this might seems too good to be true but affiliates are making those commissions every day . Let it be said that you will find a lot more competition with the high commission products but that shouldn’t deter you from trying to get your piece of the pie.


It might be worth mentioning at this point that even though Google Sniper can help you in your quest to become a successful internet marketer, I wouldn’t be believing the hype that you will become rich quickly with minimal effort. It will take some time. I personally find it quite off-putting when these products promise you the sun moon and stars. Some of the numbers they quote as possible earnings are over the top and just not going to be achieved by the average person. Having said that you should be able to achieve some success and it you should be able recoup your investment fairly quickly.

I personally didn’t make a sale for a couple of months until my sites started ranking, but when you do make that first sale its very encouraging and gives you a great boost. It basically tells you if I can make one sale, I can make more. And I found this to be the case, the sales started to come in more and more regularly as my sites moved up the Google rankings.

You will need to be extremely driven and focused and put a lot of time and effort into Internet marketing to make the big bucks though. I don’t want to put you off or discourage you here because you can still make decent money but the marketers who make the really big bucks are the exception to the rule.

Conclusion :

To sum up, I will say this, If you are serious about making money online and you need some guidance and somewhere to start, Google sniper is not a bad starting point.   The science of it is sound and it is easy to follow.

The only thing I don’t like is the hype around it but I suppose George Brown being a successful Internet marketer is going to do his best to sell his product but I think Google Sniper would sell its self anyway.

I have included the link below if you want more information or would like to check out Georges product


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